Friday, August 1, 2008

The Hubbard Family

Hello friends and family,

This is all new for our family- I guess we are trying to join the rest of the computer world.
Ace turned 4 on July 13 and Max turned 7 months on July 17. Time just flies! We are doing the same old thing, real estate. We have a company called Ace Realty, it is growing every month. Ace Reatly buys and manages all of our rental units. Jeff is busy doing all of the hands on things and running our crew and I am busy being the real estate agent and doing the behind the scene things. We also just recently started a carpet cleaning company called Mad Max Carpet Cleaning. Jeff is already busy with jobs, he is having a hard time finding time to do them.

We love living out here is Iowa, we are surrounded by our family and doing the work that we both love to do. We try to make it back to Utah as often as we can and Jeff's family tries to visit as often as they can.

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Teri said...

So are you going to add a third business for your newest member? I think it is cute, butt you are lagging a little behind....better get with it. ;-)

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